The secret herbal dildos of the geisha

What’s with all the horny women in ukiyo-e and old Japanese paintings? How did they get so excited without the wonderful sex toys of the modern day? Were the samurai just that good?

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Well, maybe, but it turns out that feudal Japan’s women got their kicks from “higo zuika,” the dried stem of the Giant Elephant Ear Plant from the province of Higo. These little pieces of folk craft don’t look too sexy at first, but soak them in water, and they get soft, slick, and…stimulating?

Higo zuika has saponin in it, a chemical that stimulates and increases blood flow wherever it touches. We don’t know who the first woman was to dig up a potato-looking plant, wet it, and stick it inside her, but we’re sure grateful to her. Higozuiki’s an odd sensation you have to try for yourself- definitely different than your average “warming action” condom.

In the old days, frisky couples had to tie their own sex toys from lengths of the raw dried plant, but fortunately for you, Kanojo Toys has an exclusive deal with an artisan manufacturer in Higo, so they can ship the finished product (in a very pretty box, no less) right to your door.

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  • Sex Toys December 2, 2009

    Wow, I’ve never seen anything like it. Aside from its fibrous appearance, it’s really interesting that the Higozuika also causes a warming sensation. Sounds like it’s worth a shot!

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