Interview with Tokyo nightlife ambassador Pickles Bourne

Q. Please introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do?

My name is Pickles Bourne, and I am a nightlife ambassador in Tokyo, Japan.

I work at a company called Kaku-Butsu, which operates a prostitution shop review website in Japan. At Kaku-Butsu, we created a website for visitors who want sexual services called Japanese HENTAI Girls Collection (JHGC). JHGC offers a concierge service, offering you a personalized selection of companions that fulfills your request. My job is to support tourists and visitors in Japan to experience the best out of what Japan has to offer, especially in terms of nightlife and red-light district experience.

tokyo nightlife concierge interview pickles bourne prostitute sex worker introduction

Q. How did you get involved in your line of work?

When encountering a tourist, I have always enjoyed taking them around the town. One day, I met two men who asked me for an introduction to sex services. I had taken them to a number of shops to find one that allowed visitors. This is when I realized that the sexual side of Japan is not open to visitors. Honestly, I thought it was a waste not to export the exotic Japanese experience and decided to be the guide to open the gate.

Q. Why does Tokyo need a nightlife ambassador?

Tokyo needs a nightlife ambassador as some take advantage of the fact that the sexual aspect of Japan is not open to visitors. They would scam tourists with sweet talks, while at the end, the tourists end up being disappointed with extraordinarily high billing, thefts, and fake photos. They also take advantage of tourists not being able to report them. Who can speak up when they are unsure if prostitution is legal in Japan as a traveler? That is why a reputable nightlife ambassador is needed.

tokyo nightlife concierge interview pickles bourne prostitute sex worker introduction

Q. What are the best things about the adult nightlife in Tokyo? What should visitors expect? What’s a must-try place/service, etc.?

Being originally from Osaka, I have been to all kinds of cities in Japan, and I can say Tokyo is different. Tokyo has the newest clubs and bars to good old izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) with all-you-can drink. If you go to Yoshiwara (an area famous for brothels and prostitutes since the Edo period), you’ll still find the resemblance. Also, SOD LAND in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, is a must-go as you’ll be able to meet Japanese AV actresses and escorts (you’ll be able to meet me as well!).

Q. What are some of the cultural differences to be aware of? What scams should visitors be careful about?

As mentioned before, extraordinarily high bills, fake photos, and fake service are the scams visitors should be careful about. One of the tourists I helped out had been scammed before, where he was told a “happy ending” from a Japanese girl with the price of 8,000 yen. He went into a room, and saw an old lady come out to give him a service. He tried to get out, but two men blocked the exit and asked him to pay for the “service” he got. The price was bumped up to 20,000 yen, so he ended up paying the full price to flee from the scene.

tokyo nightlife concierge interview pickles bourne prostitute sex worker introduction

Q. How has the adult nightlife scene in Tokyo changed recently?

After COVID-19, the adult nightlife scene in Tokyo has been more open to visitors than before. A lot of shops have started to allow visitors as their customers, especially due to the decrease in Japanese customers followed by the current recession. On the other hand, scammers that target visitors have also increased, as visitors with not much knowledge are a desirable prey.

tokyo nightlife concierge interview pickles bourne prostitute sex worker introduction

Q. How do you expect things to change in the future?

I think the trend will continue, and the adult nightlife scene in Japan will be more open toward visitors. Visitors will be able to experience what Japan has to offer fully, from the well-known cultural beauty to the underground aspects that locals enjoy. Japan will not only be a country to watch hentai, but also to experience it.

Q. Any other final tips to share?

Always know your source, and do not follow anyone that comes and talks to you out on the street. Japan is a relatively safe country, but somehow that seems to lower the guards of visitors too much. The sexual experience is one of a kind, so please contact a trusted service before randomly walking into a shop!

tokyo nightlife concierge interview pickles bourne prostitute sex worker introduction

Q. Where can readers find out more about you and what you do?

You can contact me through any social media account that I operate (LINE, Instagram, X, YouTube, TikTok).

I will keep fighting to provide a safe, sexual experience to visitors, so all of your support means so much to me.

Also, you can contact our concierge team through the JHGC website.

The link to all of my accounts can be accessed below! Feel free to ask me anything at any time!

Pickles Bourne:

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