Singer and actress KOM_I shares latest nude photo shoot on Instagram

The singer and actress KOM_I is known for her provocative career choices, from doing lesbian sex scenes in the Netflix show Followers to releasing nude photo shoots not once — but twice. Somewhat queasily yet erotically, one of the shoots even involved blood and knives in addition to her pale, naked flesh.

The 28-year-old Wednesday Campanella singer has now shed her clothes again for a photo shoot for Vogue Japan, the highlights of which she posted on her own Instagram account a few days ago.

The shoot has KOM_I nude in a garden, facing off against a classic sculpture while wearing a gold mask.

kom_i nude singer japan vogue japan naked

kom_i nude singer japan vogue japan naked

kom_i nude singer japan vogue japan naked

Yes, all very KOM_I — and perhaps with a touch of the coronavirus age thrown in for good measure.

The two photos she shared with her 170,000 followers do not show full-frontal nudity and her nipples seem digitally removed or covered by patches, so this is technically more modest than her previous exploits. The rest of the shoot for the Vogue interview is flamboyant and bizarre, as you’d expect from this singer, but sadly not nude.

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