Who are the hottest haafu models and gravure idols in Japan?

Who are the hottest haafu models and gravure idols in Japan? That is a question that weighs on our minds a lot of the time. Where else to share our ideas than here with our readers?

To keep things simple, we are going to exclude a lot of people, such as adult video porn actresses and general celebrities, to focus more on gravure idols and some regular fashion models.

We are also skipping the lovely ladies we already included on this earlier list many years ago. So if you don’t see your favorite idol, check out the first list — or place a suggestion in the comments below.

Here is our selection, in alphabetical order.

Saya Ichikawa

The model Saya Ichikawa has an American father with Native American Cherokee blood.

saya ichikawa beautiful body japanese

Elaiza Ikeda

The alluring Filipino-Japanese actress and model Elaiza Ikeda has an increasingly high profile these days.

elaiza ikeda haafu filipino japanese model lingerie eva evangelion peach john rei ayanami

Rihona Kato

Rihona Kato is a music idol with a Japanese father and Filipino mother.

rihona kato sexy japanese haafu idol

Saila Kunikida

Saila (or Saira) Kunikida is a model descended from the famous writer Doppo Kunikida. She has an Italian father and Japanese mother, and grew up in Europe. She exudes glamor.

Saila Kunikida beautiful Japanese model

Justine Kurihara

Half American, Justine Kurihara is an athletic model who deserves to be more famous than she is.

justine kurihara model haafu

Eimi Kuroda

Half British, Eimi Kuroda is friends with Kiko Mizuhara. She recently became a mother and has posed nude.

eimi kuroda hajime sawatari hair nude naked shot body beauty sexy hot breasts haafu


The waif-like Maggy is one of the most popular celebrities and models in Japan.

maggy マギー tarento model lingerie peach john japanese sexy hot nude naked photobook

Sayumi Makino

The curvy gravure idol Sayumi Makino half Guyanese and Japanese. Just look at her stunning complexion!

sayumi makino hot beautiful model gravure idol

Marina and Erika

These two gravure sisters are among the latest young ladies to hit it big in gravure, despite still being teenagers. They are of Romanian and Japanese heritage and first got noticed on TikTok.

erika marina sexy haafu gravure idols

Angela Mei

The gravure model Angela Mei is another example of a mixed Japanese-Filipino.

angela mei sexy body

Yuka Mizuhara

The younger sister of the more famous Kiko (included on our previous list), Yuka Mizuhara also has quite a different look.

yuka mizuhara model japanese

Sonoya Mizuno

The half-British model and actress Sonoya Mizuno has appeared in some Japanese lingerie shoots but is mainly based overseas. Her Hollywood career continues to grow.

sonoya mizuno hot japanese british model actress sex scene nudity naked ex machina movie

Rie Miyazawa

One of the most enduring beauties of Japan, Rie Miyazawa is half Dutch.

rie miyazawa kishin shinoyama hair nude photo santa fe

Elli Rose

The lingerie model and DJ Elli Rose (sometimes Elli-Rose) is half British.

elli rose japanese british model DJ

Ayana Takeda

In something of a running theme in this post, Ayana Takeda is half Filipino.

ayana takeda sexy body japanese model

Honorary Mentions

We were tempted to have Nichole Bloom but, given the fact that she is American and doesn’t do anything in Japan as far as we are aware, we respectfully excluded her.

Of course, there were plenty of other possibilities. The Okinawan actress Hikari Mitsushima is a “quarter.”

And then there are the gray areas. The model Yuria Kushido often looks like a haafu but is, from what we can tell, “only” Japanese. Anne Nakamura is another model frequently “suspected” as a haafu but actually not so. Of course, that doesn’t make her any less or more lovely than she already is!

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  • orijna August 4, 2020

    Olivia Lufkin deserves honorable mention

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) August 4, 2020


    Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, we have a long-in-gestation update to this post that we hope to write up properly soon!

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