Is Ryoko Hirosue having an affair with a chef?

The actress Ryoko Hirosue has been accused of adultery with a famous chef.

In a scoop published by Bunshun this week, photos show the 42-year-old going to a luxury hotel where the 45-year-old chef Shusaku Toba, who runs a restaurant called sio that has a Michelin star, was also staying. The two are already known for being close.

ryoko hirosue affair adultery scandal shusaku toba chef ryoko hirosue affair adultery scandal shusaku toba chef

There’s an aphorism, often muttered by jaded guys on bar stools between swigs of beer, that it doesn’t matter what you look like or even about your personality, hot women will inevitably go to bed with you as long as you’re funny, tall, rich, or a successful athlete.

This seems to hold true in Japan, whose professional baseball stars make an annoying habit of marrying fashion models, and comedians like Sanma Akashiya and Akihiro Tabuchi have proved that porn stars love sleeping with a guy who makes them laugh.

But should a new one be added to the list? Chefs.

It’s not surprising, given Japan’s utter obsession with food. Gastronomy dominates pop culture and daily conversation. Every TV show seems to morph into a cooking show at some point during the broadcast, with closeups of dishes accompanied by cheesy gasps of wonder by the assembled studio guests.

Considering how Shusaku Toba looks (let’s be honest, he’s no Ken Watanabe), this scandal might well be cited in future as an example of the rule that good chefs can always seduce ladies ordinarily above their league.

Some might go further and call this a case of beauty and the beast.

ryoko hirosue affair adultery scandal shusaku toba chef

We should note that both sides have officially denied the accusations of adultery.

Ryoko Hirosue, who has been married twice and has three children, last year won a “best mother” award given out to celebrity parents. Toba is also married with a child (and is apparently very popular among gay men).

In 2014, there were rumors that Hirosue was cheating on her second husband with the much-younger actor Takeru Sato.

ryoko hirosue affair adultery scandal shusaku toba chef

Personally, we have never been a fan of Hirosue, neither really rating her acting abilities nor her looks. Sure, she’s pretty but we have always wondered why she’s so famous and successful as a beauty icon, appearing in magazine cover shoots and advertising campaigns for cosmetics. We see hotter women every day just outside on the streets of Tokyo.

Hirosue has played it safe in her recent career but she appeared in a lesbian nude sex scene early on when in her twenties (apologies for the grainy quality, it was all we could find). Update: Thanks to readers for helping us identify the scene and that it’s not actually Hirosue but Tamaki Ogawa, despite what some sources suggest.

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  • Dp June 8, 2023

    wanna know the name of the lesbian movie

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) June 8, 2023


    So do we! We couldn’t find it out when searching, though we saw the clip a few years back when it was available on DailyMotion.

  • KJ23 June 8, 2023

    @Tadashi Anahori: may I ask what movie she did that nude I’m just curious about it?

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) June 8, 2023


    Unfortunately, we can’t find the name of the lesbian scene, though we assume the movie is from the late 1990s or early 2000s. Perhaps another reader can help. She did do a kind of sex scene in the movie Secret in 1999 but it wasn’t explicit nudity.

  • KJ23 June 8, 2023

    @Tadashi Anahori: Oh! I see I will check on that..

  • Anon616 June 14, 2023

    apparently latest update says “Yes”

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) June 15, 2023


    Yes, we saw the news on June 14. Not a surprise at all. But they both made things worse, and themselves look like hypocrites, by trying to deny it at first. Just come clean from the start!

  • AAAA June 20, 2023

    The lesbian scene is from the movie name “Natural Woman” (1994)
    the actress in the screenshot is Ogawa Tamaki not Hirosue Ryoko

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) June 20, 2023


    Interesting, that does make sense (and it looks like Tamaki Ogawa). But you can find grainy grabs of the scene on various Japanese websites claiming it’s Hirosue. Presumably, the misinformation caught on somehow and the pre-internet nature of the footage makes it harder for people to correct/identify. We’ll update the post. Thanks.

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