Prostitute arrested for tricking older customer out of small fortune

Be careful what that young lady offers you: it probably is too good to be true.

When the fiftysomething man from Ibaraki met the 28-year-old Chiharu Yamaguchi through a fuzoku (brothel) service three years ago, he thought all his Christmases had come at once. They started exchanging messages via LINE and he came to believe they were a couple.

She promised she would be with him till death. Thinking she would marry him, the man agreed to her requests for money that she said she needed to pay back her student loan or her mother’s operations. She is alleged to have tricked the unnamed man out of ¥900,000 in cash when she claimed she needed the money to put her mother in a hospice. Her mother was the go-to excuse, it seems: her mother had been taken to hospital, her mother had cancer, etc.

In all, Yamaguchi, who was arrested earlier this month, is suspected by police of tricking the man of around ¥20 million.

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Police also suspect her of tricking other men aged from their twenties to their sixties out of money in similar ways.

Yamaguchi has admitted to receiving money from the man but not to deceiving him.

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  • TheDude March 10, 2022

    One hopesshe gave brilliant head as that is one expensive hummer

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) March 10, 2022


    For that amount of money, one hopes she gave more than just head!

  • Rockit March 12, 2022

    A head job is just 3500 Yen in a pinsaro. When guys get duped out of massive amounts like this it is usually a result of loneliness and possibly mental illness.

  • Edamame March 12, 2022

    Did she go to jail or nah? i hope she return that money tho. ¥20 million is hella much money

  • Chris March 21, 2022

    It’s extremely naive walking in such traps.

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