Papakatsu sugar daddy craze inspires masturbator toy

There is one way to tell that a social phenomenon in Japan has become significant: when it has inspired either its own parody porn production or an adult toy.

As noted many times here, Japanese adult video frequently draws upon real-life incidents to make parodies. Examples include the women’s support group that has faced harassment, the assault of a music idol, and — and this is where things get very meta — an AV that lampooned the recently introduced porn legislation.

It is a similar situation with the Japanese sex toys industry, such as the Uber Eats onahole and the masturbator based on Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The most recent fuel for this parody-oriented aspect of Japanese adult toys is papakatsu, which has now inspired its own pocket pussy toy from A-One, one of the top brands in the industry.

The Papakatsu Young Girl Wants a Sugar Daddy Onahole has a youthful bellows-style design that makes it very stretchy and fun to use.

Papakatsu Young Girl Wants a Sugar Daddy Onahole Japanese masturbator toy

Papakatsu Young Girl Wants a Sugar Daddy Onahole Japanese masturbator toy

The toy begins with a tight opening that then widens, pleasuring your probing penis with thick ridges along the vagina’s walls. Further inside, you get to enjoy a cluster of large bumps in the center that tickle and tease your glans. Finally, the vagina tapers down again as it squeezes your manhood into her uterus.

Papakatsu Young Girl Wants a Sugar Daddy Onahole Japanese masturbator toy

Papakatsu is basically just another buzzword or variation of something older (and in fact, the world’s oldest profession): compensated dating. This time, it’s compensated dating that specifically refers to younger women (possibly even high school age) “dating” much older men (middle aged or older)

Of course, a fair bit of compensated dating was always done by this demographic and there have been sugar daddy members-only clubs for ages, matching younger women who want money with older guys with money, but this new term papakatsu — literally meaning “daddy activity” (there’s a whole host of -katsu words, from konkatsu “marriage hunting” to “job hunting” shukatsu) — seemed to emerge in the media and took off.

Papakatsu Young Girl Wants a Sugar Daddy Onahole Japanese masturbator toy

It’s been used to described the activities of everyone from male politicians drinking with underage teenagers to celebrities’ polyamorous antics.

Chicken and egg, and all that: we’re not sure which came first, the tabloid use of the term or actual service users’ and operators’. Some superficial research suggests that it appeared first on social media circa 2014, and a TV drama had already been appeared based on the phenomenon by 2017 (Japanese TV dramas, for all their dubious production quality, also make an interesting barometer of social trends).

Regardless of the exact origins, papakatsu is now a label embraced by a cottage industry of online services offering to introduce young women to male clients, or female “freelancers” making themselves available for dates.

Inevitably, a darker side has swiftly emerged (again, though, this could have been the case with any compensated dating or the like, regardless of the current buzzword), with reports of the arrest of a woman for defrauding her sugar daddies, or the even more sensational case of the woman who is accused of murdering a 82-year-old man in a love hotel.

It has also been suggested that papakatsu and other forms of compensated dating are partly responsible for the syphilis problem in Japan, since the women involved may be willing to have sex with their dates without condoms (whereas a professional sex worker is very unlikely to allow this).

You are safe from all such risks with A-One’s pocket pussy toy, though, and it’s much easier on your wallet too.

The Papakatsu Young Girl Wants a Sugar Daddy Onahole is available internationally from Kanojo Toys, the largest source of Japanese sex toys shipping globally.

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