Otoko no Ko? Onahole for transgender, cross-dresser pleasure

Here’s something we don’t often talk about on TokyoKinky — newhalf (nuhaafu) or transgenders!

“Otoko no Ko” (男の子) means “boy” but if written with a different kanji character (男の娘) it has a whole new meaning. It essentially is boys dressing up as girls but it’s a whole world of specialist bars, cafes, magazines, manga comics, online shops and more!

japan shemale culture otoko no ko

A mix between cosplay culture and full-on crossdressing and transgender lifestyle, it’s also men young and old. After all, Japan already has its fair share of soushoku danshi (herbivore men), the name given to metrosexual boys, so it’s really only a small jump to being an Otoko no ko.

japan otoko no ko crossdresser magazine manga

Don’t forget there can also be futanari, which is used to describe girls with cocks! That can literally or could be a strap on. Taro likes it when I try this out! Us girls also know how to play around with gender.

futanari otoko no ko japan shemale sex toy

Now there’s an onahole which replicates the sensation of sex with an Otoko no ko. It has luscious breasts and body, but also a large, erect cock. Yep, this has ambiguity written all over it! This is reflected even in the name, with its question mark: the Otoko no ko? Shemale Onahole. In truth, it’s also a kind of futanari transgender fantasy toy.

otoko no ko shemale japan crossdresser onahole masturbator

It celebrates the androgynous gray areas in Japanese sexual subcultures and turns it into a very pleasurable masturbator. Taro was pumping away into it and he told me it feels just like the best kind of tight anal experience.

My only job now is to get him back to giving ME that attention, whether I’m dressed as a boy or a girl!

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