Little Brother cosplay cafe for girls

We all know about maid cafes. But what about us girls?

Sure, there are host clubs but some of us don’t actually like guys with ridiculous orange hair cuts, up-themselves attitudes — and then paying huge bills for the privilege!

Fear not, there are Otouto Cafe (Little Brother Cafe) for us ladies!

dansou cafe little brother japan tokyo boy's love yaoi

One example is the Cafe B’s Prince, a concept cafe opened last year. The staff are actually girls but dressed as boys. This is basically more a cosplay cafe catering (no pun!) to fujoshi manga fans (um, semi-lesbians who like girls dressed as boys).

There is a whole spate of these dansou cafes (butler cafes). This blog has a good run-down of the ones in Ikebukuro or Akihabara.

dansou cafe little brother japan tokyo boy's love yaoi

I particularly like the Butler Cafe for girls who like to be served by handsome foreign men. Don’t tell Taro!

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

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  • Kswiss August 22, 2010

    Couldn’t find a mailing address, so I’ll post this here;

    I love this blog, it’s extremely entertaining and interesting alternative japanese information/news.

    Keep writing 🙂

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