Movie reveals porn’s secret supporting stars

A new film Namae no nai Onnatachi (名前のない女たち, literally “The Girls With No Names”, though the English title is Love & Loathing & Lulu & Ayano) is about young JAV porn stars in Tokyo, a subject of course close to our heart!

It’s based on a nonfiction bestseller, a four-volume compilation of interviews on life and sex with kikaku porn actresses.

Love Loathing Lulu Ayano

A kikaku joyu is a supporting actress hired for the day, whose face and/or name doesn’t appear on film, as opposed to tantai, the starring models. The ratio of tantai to kikaku girls is something like 5% to 95%!

The director is Hisayasu Sato (佐藤寿保), well known for his eroticism. Given the subject matter, we can likely expect that rare thing from a Japanese film — nudity! The movie stars Mayu Sakuma and is a lesbian romance.

Love Loathing Lulu Ayano

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