Kishin Shinoyama: Erotic photographer extraordinaire

Probably the most famous erotic commercial photographer in Japan is Kishin Shinoyama.

kishin shinoyama japanese erotic photographer

Like Araki he’s a bit of an enfant terrible even just recently got into trouble with the police for shooting a nude session with JAV porn star Saori Hara in public.

Typical of Tokyo cop efficiency, the photo book was already long published by the time they realized it included naked photos taken outside at night.

saori hara kishin shinoyama nude

He’s known for taking lots of clothed and semi-clothed shots of idols and models, but his mainstream fame was secured by very revealing photo books featuring actresses like Rie Miyazawa and Kanako Higuchi. Some of these even included that unique thing in Japan — pubic hair! Yes, we gals have it down there and some of us aren’t afraid to show it!

rie miyazawa kishin shinoyama hair nude photo santa fe

rie miyazawa kishin shinoyama hair nude photo

kanako higuchi kishin shinoyama hair nude naked

You would recognize many less erotic shots of his too — he also photographed couples like John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

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