Man buys 400 masturbator toys, takes a bath with them

We love onaholes and pocket pussy toys. We reckon we buy and use a lot. But this guy puts us to shame.

Onanist Take, who maintains a Pornhub and Twitter account, spent a small fortune on masturbators and then had a bath with them. What would that look like, you may ask. Could you even get into the bath? Is there even a point? Wouldn’t you damage the toys as you stepped and sat on them?

man 400 masturbators bath onahole japanese crazy expensive adult toys

Fortunately, he put the results of his noble endeavors online for us all to see.

Apparently, there’s 400 masturbator toys here, with a market value of a million yen! To put that number in perspective, it’s around a quarter of the average yearly wage in Japan. We love adult toys but we don’t spend a quarter of our income on them!

Sadly, the original tweet is no longer available, but you can see the whole eight-and-a-half-minute video on Pornhub.

kanojo toys adult sex japanese buy

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