Man arrested for having anal sex with faucet in public park

We have all experienced times when we are horny. Often, the only solution is to sneak off somewhere and bust a nut to get rid of that pesky boner that just won’t die down otherwise.

Some guys, though, take a different approach to dealing with their untamable sexual desires.

According to multiple reports in the media, police in Tokyo have arrested a man on suspicion of damaging property after he rubbed his anus against a faucet in a public park.

The self-employed 56-year-old’s actions resulted in the faucet becoming unusable.

japanese man public park arrested anal sex faucet tokyo fetish

The faucet was in Roka Park, located in the residential ward of Setagaya in the west of the capital.

The man took all his clothes off in the early hours of April 1 and allegedly rubbed his anus against the faucet. While stimulating the sphincter and prostate certainly offer all kinds of pleasures for men, we are not convinced that a metal tap would do much, but to each their own — except we draw the line when this is a facility used by kids and other members of the public!

Before you start writing comments about whether or not the tap gave consent, or if the man had to, ahem, faucet, the man has openly told police, “I did it to satisfy my sexual desire.”

Local police ran into the man in a semi-naked state riding a bicycle near the park at 3 in the morning of April 1, and stopped him for questioning. They found photos on his phone of himself naked in the park, and promptly arrested him for public indecency.

They subsequently found photos and videos of the man engaged in anal sex with the faucet and spraying water into his butt, and rearrested him for property damage.

So this man clearly has a fetish not just for doing stuff outdoors — roshutsu, as exhibitionism known in Japan — but also likes to take photos of himself enjoying his kink. Only this time, that provided the evidence of his misdeeds and, thus, the means of his undoing!

japanese man public park arrested anal sex faucet tokyo fetish

The park authorities have thankfully fenced off the faucet to prevent people from using it, and will replace the unit.

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  • JoeJitsu April 7, 2024

    Gives a whole other meaning to the phrase “I want to tap that ass.”

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) April 7, 2024


    Damn it, we brainstormed a few puns but didn’t think of that one! Tap that ass and ass that tap, indeed!

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