Japanese woman designs fake “boyfriend hand” to squeeze hers when she gets lonely

We all need the touch of the others when we are lonely — and the hand of another can be particularly, well, handy.

The best solution we’ve ever seen has been the Man’s SOM Hand Type Handjob Machine, which is a bestselling masturbot that is exactly what its name suggests.

If you don’t want to go the whole hog, though, there are always onaholes in the shape of a woman’s hands or even special stockings-style gloves that make a handjob feel like someone else is doing the business for you.

What about if you are a girl who wants someone to squeeze your hand, say, during a horror movie but don’t have a boyfriend? Fear not, someone has found a solution to this dilemma, too. But it’s almost as creepy as something out of a horror film.

Yamane(ko) (@ymn_co_19) posted photos of her experimental device on Twitter on March 13th and the results went viral.

boyfriend hand fake japan glove lonely woman

boyfriend hand fake japan glove lonely woman

As a “device” goes, it’s pretty low-fi. It’s essentially a single surgical glove that’s filled with flour. But for Yamane(ko), that’s apparently enough to provide comfort for her during those lonely moments, such as an outing to watch a movie on her own.

She took her “fake boyfriend hand” with her on a date to watch the latest Osomatsu-kun movie at the theater. Here it is traveling with her by car. It got its own seat.

boyfriend hand fake japan glove lonely woman

boyfriend hand fake japan glove lonely woman

Readers with good memories may well remember there was once a Japanese iPhone case that looked like a fake hand — perfect when you want someone to caress your face.

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