Japanese comedian uses Twitter to nanpa with fan?

With all the Japanese celebrities using Twitter and blogs these days, surely it was only a matter of time before some of the less moral examples utilized the online tools for their leching!

Manzai comedian Yusuke Inoue (井上裕介) (30) of combi NON STYLE seems to like that most of the ladies following him on his Twitter account are beautiful young ladies.

He apparently meant to send a suspicious-sounding direct mail to one of them but ended up accidentally publicly tweeting it to the world!

[Image source.]

This is what he wrote:

I’m afraid I have to work tonight but I’m free if we meet now. Are you in Shinjuku?

A little after this, Inoue seemed to realize his error and tweeted the following:

Sorry, sorry! I sent something I meant to send to a classmate!

Is this an example of Twitter nanpa (ツイッターナンパ)?

For those who don’t know,nanpa/nampa is basically chatting people up and is a common site in front of stations or other places where youngsters gather.

When I used to live in Kyoto (I was a sweet girl at uni then), we would get guys coming up to us when we sat along the Kamogawa at night, especially in the summer.

I suppose it was inevitable that guys would start to use tweeting to try and get girls.

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