Korean girl band KARA debut in Japan

Over the weekend Korean pop group KARA gave a press conference to announce their music debut here in Japan.

To the joy of their fans, the girls told us they will release their first CD for the Japanese market this August. The single will be Mister, said the group in brave, broken Japanese (this is only their second visit to these isles!).

We’re big fans of K-Pop and think the groups rival the Japanese ones for cute factor. Sure, Perfume are great…but check out how young KARA are! 16 years old! Pure virgin bliss in a white dress.

KARA started way back in 2007 but, like any decent pop group, have gone through some line-up changes.

Now they are five sweet girls: Goo Hara, Nicole, Kang Jiyoung, Park Gyuri and Han Seung-yeon. Jiyoung, as I said, is a mere 16 and none of the other ladies exceed 21. Still plenty of years of ogling these gals ahead of us!

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