Haruka Ayase makes surprise return to gravure

Haruka Ayase is one of the most famous models and actors in Japan.

Before she made the transition into mainstream acting and modeling, and seemed to appear in almost every TV commercial or brand campaign, Ayase was briefly a gravure idol. She’s got the looks for it: a cute, girl-next-door face, slim body, and (by most Japanese standards) large breasts.

This shoot in which she stands alluringly against a window, her body on display except for skimpy swimwear, is one of our all-time favorite gravure pics.

ayase haruka naked sexy hot

haruka ayase sexy bikini shoot hot pic

She even once shot some sort of video in a bath, and you can find nude grainy screen grabs from the pre-Web 2.0 days.

haruka ayase sexy nude nake bathtub

We thought we would never see her in a bikini again, but the Shinto gods work in mysterious ways. Now in her late thirties and ripe jukujo territory (though she hardly seems a day older than when she first became famous in the mid-2000s), Ayase has made a surprise return to the swimwear shoot.

The unmarried 38-year-old has done a splashy gravure shoot in Hawaii for Weekly Bunshun.

haruka ayase sexy swimwear gravure comeback hawaii shukan bunshun

haruka ayase sexy swimwear gravure comeback hawaii shukan bunshun

haruka ayase sexy swimwear gravure comeback hawaii shukan bunshun

haruka ayase sexy swimwear gravure comeback hawaii shukan bunshun

There’s sadly no midriff on display, and her impressive bust is modestly kept under wraps, so don’t expect any serious cleavage to get things stirring in your groin.

That said, she looks as lovely as ever and we hope there are most pics to come.

And if you think Haruka looks good (and frankly, anyone with a pulse would think so), check out Kyoko Fukada’s stunning beach shoot when she was 36.

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  • Mike Travels January 12, 2024

    beautiful face, great body. I’d lick her toes

  • beyond culture January 13, 2024

    if “age like fine wine” was a person

    she barely aging for the last almost 20 years

    while she’s single but i doubt she virgin

  • Jason January 15, 2024

    She is stunning and has that Japanese look that we can tell she is Japanese.

  • Jason January 18, 2024

    Question for anyone. If an AV video has the woman’s face censored, does it mean the woman is a true amateur and not porn star. I’ve seen magic mirror vids and Nanpa vids where the faces are censored. In other words those vids with faces censored are not staged by actress, but real amateurs and unscripted?

  • al February 1, 2024

    booo…pleease try av like matsuko maeda

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