FetiFes 24 in Tokyo this Sunday

We usually report on FetiFes after it happens, but this year we wanted to offer a quick preview of the upcoming edition of Japan’s largest fetish event.

Some of the highlights this year are a pole dancing show, booty-tastic performances by four ladies with lovely butts, a gymnastics show by three porn stars, and a shadow play act by male JAV star Riku Mukai.

The upcoming edition of Fetish Festival is the 24th and features booths and attractions over four floors of a building in east Tokyo.

fetifes fetish festival 24 japanese subculture erotic fantasy event tokyo

We have noticed that the event’s English marketing has been seriously ramped up, and we suspect that bilingual AV star June Lovejoy or someone in her circle is behind this.

In fact, as we were putting together this short writeup, we noticed that June Lovejoy’s Tokyo Love District site has just published a comprehensive English-language guide to all the booths and other practical details about the event (including even Japanese phrases to use when buying something), saving us a lot of time and effort.

fetifes fetish festival 24 japanese subculture erotic fantasy event tokyo

As the guide shows, FetiFes is a fair at heart a bit like a fetish version of Comiket: most of the booths are vendors (individuals, circles, etc.) selling fetish and erotic fantasy subculture goods like leather, underwear, art, shibari, urethral sounding, and so on, but there are also various idols, models, and porn stars offering merchandise and photo ops.

Some attractions are interactive experiences, like a vacuum machine, plus there are small shows and stage performances like those mentioned above.

Participants who we particularly look forward to seeing include the comely porn star Mion Hazuki. June Lovejoy herself, of course, has a booth.

mion hazuki japanese porn star

The last edition of FetiFes took place in September and attracted around 2,000 visitors. FetiFes 24 promises to be just as big.

See you there on January 21 at the Mensho Kaikan in the Nihonbashi-Ningyocho area, just a bit east of Tokyo and Kanda stations. Tickets cost ¥3,000 on the door or ¥2,500 in advance.

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  • Mike Travels January 15, 2024

    this looks like a bunch of perverts. why do the cops accept it?

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) January 15, 2024

    @Mike Travels

    Well, that’s not the take we expected our readers to have. Why wouldn’t the cops accept it? There’s nothing illegal about the event.

  • Mike Travels January 17, 2024

    there should be. these freaks should be locked up for the safety of society. guarantee there are sex offenders in the crowd.

    sex is one thing. this is paraphilia and psychosis on display.

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