Former music idol alleges she was forced to have sex with famous music producer

The casting couch is one of the biggest open secrets in the Japanese entertainment world.

Abuse and sexual harassment of voice actors, fashion models, and gravure idols has recently gained a lot of attention.

The general acting world is also very belatedly having a sort of MeToo moment with the exposure of male sex predators. The director Hideo Sakaki, for instance, has just been arrested for the fourth time. On the other hand, perhaps we still have some ways to go: the director of the new film adaptation of manga Sensei’s Pious Lie sparked headlines when he said he rejected the lead actor’s request for an intimacy coordinator on set.

And then there are the allegations made against top comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto that might snowball into something even bigger.

While the fallout over the (largely) posthumous revelations over Johnny Kitagawa has led to the collapse of the biggest talent agency in Japan, the music industry continues to be rocked by tales of individual managers and producers exploiting their positions to abuse teenaged girls.

music idol japan casting couch producer

Dark Idol is an audition show on Abema that gives past music idols a second chance of pursuing their dream after overcoming various difficulties, professional and personal.

One of the former idols who appears on the show last week made allegations that she was forced to have sex with a famous music producer (named only as P) “several times” during her first career, when she was a member of the idol group Choco Milq from 2013 to 2015.

Ayami Ueda is now 26 and has bravely spoken out about her treatment.

music idol japan casting couch producer

“There was a famous music producer and we would be recording until four in the morning. I’d be called several times a week and, of course, there was a physical side to this. But the group was doing well and so I sort of came to think that this was the reality of my dream world.”

Netizens are now scrambling to try to identify the producer.

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  • Mike Travels July 9, 2024

    all these bitches come out and whine 20 years later after their careers are over. they’re either lying to get back into the limelight or it really happened but they accepted it because they wanted to be famous. either way they’re scummy

  • jack from downunder July 10, 2024

    What does she mean “forced” to have sex, did some hold he down? or did she do it so she could further her career? If this really happened why didnt she name the producer or at least go to the police – is this a prelude to a JAV career.

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