Father’s Day week sale: 20% off ALL Japanese sex toys

This week, our friends at Kanojo Toys are holding a Father’s Day sale offering 20% off all orders.

Running through Monday, you can get a 20% discount on any items you order with the promo code PAPA.

kanojo toys japan sex adult discount sale fathers day

The code is valid throughout the sale period, including on multiple orders (so you can order more than once with it if you realize you want more Japanese sex toys).

The code works on any type of toy but let’s be honest, most sex toys are aimed at men in Japan, so we assume you are mostly likely to be looking for guy’s toys.

When it comes to taking advantage of a Father’s Day sale, you’re spoiled for choice.

Check out the range of toys for guys and new arrivals. Masturbators. Sex dolls. Used panties. Lubricants. Anal and prostate stimulators. Rings and pumps. Maintenance goods. Even DVDs. With thousands of products and dozens more added weekly, Kanojo Toys has got it all.

A couple of items that recently caught our eye are the Beross Tongue Vibrator, which provides sucking and vibrating stimulation, and the Bitchy Junior’s Wavy Waist Powered Masturbator, a vibrating waist and buttocks toy with two holes and integrated sex sounds!

beross tongue vibrator suction bitchy junior waist masturbator sex sounds powered vibrating

So frankly, what are you waiting for? Head over to Kanojo Toys and get shopping.

kanojo toys adult sex japanese buy

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