Ex-AKB48 idol Kana Kobayashi gets speedy divorce, husband arrested

Hot on the heels of the revelations over Mariko Shinoda’s marital problems, allegedly caused by her infidelity, comes news of the nuptial dilemmas of another former AKB48 idol.

Kana Kobayashi is now aged 31 and seemed to have it all. Last March, she announced that she had married a famous investor and given birth to a child.

kana kobayashi akb48 divorce scandal husband arrested

kana kobayashi akb48 divorce scandal husband arrested

But then on January 16, she announced on social media that she was already divorced.

In fact, her husband had “another wife.” If that wasn’t bad enough, he was arrested in October on charges of investment fraud, sparking an online backlash against her.

Her husband supposedly owns a private jet and a luxury property in Hawaii, but he and other investors were operating without proper licensing and Okayama police arrested them on two charges last year. Kobayashi claims that she had also given her husband all her savings and that she now has nothing, not even her engagement ring.

kana kobayashi akb48 divorce scandal husband arrested

Kobayashi was an early member of Team K during her decade-long stint with the supergroup, making her debut in 2006 and graduating in 2016. She then worked as a model and TV “talent.”

Incidentally, the Saitama native told a TV show in 2019 that she has had plastic surgery over 10 times. Cosmetic surgery is an open secret in the Japanese entertainment world, though few admit to it. If only her ex-husband had been so honest.

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