Eimi Fukada’s tax woes and love life in the spotlight

The insanely popular Japanese porn star Eimi Fukada was spotted on a date at a ramen restaurant in late 2023 with Junnosuke Taguchi, who has also been spotted by reporters coming in and out of her home.

Sporting dyed-blonde hair, Taguchi is not the former KAT-TUN member of the same name but a 31-year-old cosmetic surgeon who works at a clinic in Roppongi. As seems to be the case with everyone these days, he also has a successful sideline as a YouTuber.

They have been dating for around a year and a half, according to a recent report in Weekly Flash, and have even been on a trip to Vietnam together.

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Given Fukada’s huge following and the fact that she has publicly argued that men must pay for everything on a date with a woman, that might be a big enough news story in its own right — and seems to fit in with the recent trend for male celebrities or social media stars to date porn stars (Yua Mikami is or was apparently dating more than one at the same time!) — but the 25-year-old is in the news for other reasons.

She switched agencies last year but found herself with a huge tax bill of ¥80 million!

Fukada’s previous agency paid her a monthly salary of around ¥2 million, giving her an annual income of some ¥24 million. (It’s very common for celebrities and entertainers to be on fixed salaries like this, with all their fees — including the lucrative contracts for advertisers — going to their agency.) This, needless to say, is extremely high, which shows how much she was making from her porn productions and other activities.

Unfortunately for Fukada, neither she nor her agency ever filed taxes during her seven years there, making her liable for tax on some ¥150 million of income. According to the news report in Weekly Flash, an acquaintance of Fukada has claimed she was misled by the agency that they were filing taxes on her behalf (as they should have been if it was a salary).

At the time, she had around ¥20 million in savings, but this went in April 2023 to pay her taxes and she is now working hard to pay back the rest of her tax bill. It’s one of the reasons she is so committed to growing her social media following and to doing well-paying gigs like ads for online casinos.

If a Japanese porn star having trouble with the tax bureau sounds familiar, readers might recall the time Yuria Satomi was told to a pay a hefty amount of back taxes, having wrongly assumed that the fees she collected in cash for compensated dates did not count as income.

According to an unnamed source quoted in the Weekly Flash report, Dr. Taguchi has been supporting Eimi Fukada through this difficult time. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Update: Eimi Fukada announced today (February 24) on social media that she broke up with her boyfriend three months ago, despite the recent press reports about their relationship.

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  • TheyHatedHimBecauseHeSpokeTheTruth February 14, 2024

    She’s going to dump the surgeon the moment she’s paid off her tax debt and doesn’t need a host to leech off anymore.

    And the gall to expect men to pay for everything while she receives an enormous salary solely because she was born a woman. AND didn’t even pay her taxes either. Never ceases to amaze how many women expect ‘traditional gender role’ behaviour from men while adhering to no traditional female gender role behaviour themselves.

  • Momoe February 14, 2024

    @TheyHatedHimBecauseHeSpokeTheTruth And she will continue to get more sugar daddies waiting on the sideline. She’s popular and she’s using it to her advantage, nothing wrong with that. Want to blame, go blame the men willing to spend $$$ on her.

  • jack from downunder February 17, 2024

    At least we know why she is dating the surgeon, to keep herself afloat – during the later stages of the pandemic it was reported a number of hostess bar girls and others working the night trade were investigated by the tax office for having large bank accounts but no reported sources of the income – One of these ladies was hit with a $700 thousand back taxes and fines because they discovered $2 million in a bank account turned out she managed a hostess bar.

  • Lee Anthony Mroszak February 27, 2024

    He looks more feminine than she does. Why are Japanese women so attracted by fruits?

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