Calne Ca Onahole is sex toy based on Hatsune Miku derivative character

Every now and then, Japan’s character artists create something truly awesome and original, and which captures the imagination of people around the world.

Take Calne Ca by Deino, an idol with a mechanized calcium skeleton (hence the “Ca” in the name). The character — a favorite of ambitious cosplayers — is derived from the Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku. Her name is pronounced Karune Shii-e.

calne ca vocaloid character

According to the Vocaloid Wikia:

Her name comes from kara (骸) and ne (音), as well as CA (シーエ), the chemical symbol of calcium. This is due to Calne Ca being a mechanized skeleton with a skin or casing in the shape of Miku.

Produced by Tama Toys, the Calne Ca Onahole pays full tribute to this lady, complete with markings on her body for 骸 and the bug in her head that is meant to be her best friend.

calne ca deino character onahole masturbator sex toy japanese

This time it’s technically not a parody (a specialty of Tama Toys), since it’s made with Deino’s blessing. Rather than the obvious elements like her limbs and infamous mouth, the toy focuses on the “feel” of Calne Ca as a masturbator sleeve.

calne ca deino character onahole masturbator sex toy japanese

So instead they created a “naked” version of Calne Ca that you can penetrate, and which feels “mechanical” inside with its corkscrew-style tunnel.

kanojo toys adult sex japanese buy

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