ASMR Lubricant is personal lube designed to turn you on by sound

What really turns you on? Is it what you see and touch? Or what you smell?

The latter is a rich part of the erotic pantheon neglected by many, but Japan fortunately has many items to help you explore it, including smell lubes and sprays, and used panties.

But how about what you hear?

Japanese porn, as any viewer quickly ascertains, is noisy as fuck (pun very much intended). As a general rule of thumb, the woman always screams and groans loudly as the man pounds her body.

And as anyone who has sex with a Japanese woman has likely found out, this is often replicated in real life — much to your embarrassment if you have roommates. It can even lead to complaints from neighbors.

We presume that this turns a lot of guys on, though we personally find too much groaning and voluming off-putting.

On the other hand, a deathly silence on the part of woman, with nothing exchanged between the lovers except the sounds of the man’s body slapping and thrusting into her, is less likely to lead to a satisfying experience.

Some prefer talking dirty and whispering sensual phrases during the act.

And various sounds that occur naturally during sex are arousing.

The sound of a wet pussy being fingered.

The sound of a wet cock, dripping in lube or saliva, being jerked off.

The sound of passionate kissing.

And so on.

asmr lubricant sexy sounds personal lube

Given the popularity of virtual YouTubers and female voice actors in Japan, it stands to reason that ASMR is a growing erotic subculture. Major adult brand Tama Toys wanted to get in on the act too, and has released this ASMR Lubricant.

The water-based, medium-viscosity personal lube is a collaboration with VTuber Hosho Erena Anglais, and claims to be the world’s first lubricant designed with attention to the sounds of wet intimacy it makes during use in masturbation.

asmr lubricant sexy sounds personal lube

asmr lubricant sexy sounds personal lube

asmr lubricant sexy sounds personal lube
asmr lubricant sexy sounds personal lube

The makers know how sexy wet and sloppy sounds can be, and has teamed up with the VTuber to endorse this lubricant that boasts creates just the right aural experience. (Of course, the tactile/physical sensations are great too.)

The ASMR Lubricant is available globally via this Kanojo Toys, the largest and most comprehensive source of Japanese adult toys shipping internationally.

Tama Toys actually has a whole series of tie-ups like this with VTubers, who are popular for their looks as much as their voices. Hosho Erena Anglais, for instance, previously released this masturbator toy.

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