81% of Japanese women want an older lover, 47% of men want younger

Over December 6 and December 9, Japanese Facebook dating app Match Alarm did an online survey of 2,944 male and female Japanese singles in their twenties and thirties.

It found some surprising results, most notably that 81.3% of Japanese single women would want an older man for a partner.

japan singles survey older lover women

On the other hand, compounding the stereotype that all Japanese men want innocent maids and anime characters, the survey found that nearly 47% of men wanted a lover who was younger.

Things get more logical when broken down into age groups. Both men (51.2%) and women (over 90%!) prefer an older lover when they are in their early twenties and this makes a lot of sense. After all, an older lover will be able to treat you and show what’s what in bed.

japan singles survey older lover women

However, once the men got over 30 the numbers who wanted a young lover suddenly jumped, reaching over 80% for the guys in their late thirties (woman wanting an older lover even at that age remained at 50%). Of course, it could just be a woman aged 25 or 28, so let’s not all assume that 39-year-old Japanese men all want to bed teenage girls, okay?

yuki asakura sexy hot japan cute girl model

We’ve long promoted the wonders of older women on these pages. As sexy as young girls can be, don’t forget how hot ladies in their thirties or forties can be too!

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  • Dr. Stats December 24, 2013

    I think the survey would be more accurate to say that women want an older lover WITH MONEY. They will trade sex for being pampered with gifts, nice meals and being taken care of. As for guys wanting younger lovers, they need a survey for that?!?

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