Get 20% off ALL Japanese adult toys for Mother’s Day

Our friends at Kanojo Toys are holding a sale to celebrate Mother’s Day this week.

Until May 15, you can get 20% off ANY order with the promo code HMD.

The coupon is valid on all orders throughout the sale period and can be used multiple times even by the same customer.

kanojo toys mothers day adult sex sale campaign discount 20%

Of course, given the theme of the campaign, we particularly recommend you check out the many MILF toys that are available, since what better a season than now to explore the world of sexy Japanese cougars and jukujo hotties? (As regular readers will know, this is a particularly favorite topic of ours on this blog. Slightly older Japanese ladies look just as great, if not better, than their more youthful peers.)

Kanojo Toys is the largest and most extensive source of Japanese adult toys for international customers, with dozens of new products added weekly and a current lineup of (at time of writing) nearly 9,900 items.

What makes Kanojo Toys so special is that the store not only focuses on offering the full, amazing range of onaholes pocket pussy toys and masturbators from the major brands like Tama Toys, Toy’s Heart, Ride, Magic Eyes, Nippori Gift, and G Project, but also sex dolls (silicone, plush, and inflatable), dakimakura hug pillows and covers, costumes and cosplay, lingerie, BDSM, vibrators, dildos, rings, sleeves, lubricants, and much, much more.

And with the current weakness of the yen, getting adult toys from Japan has rarely been so cheap!

japanese sex doll love orient industry silicone

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  • 新人 May 9, 2024

    Hi mum, look what I got you for Mother’s Day

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