Otaku eat virtual girlfriend kiss-flavored candy

A kiss isn’t always something most otaku have experienced yet. And they certainly haven’t experienced it with their 2D idols (after all, who has?).

But that doesn’t stop their fevered imaginations — nor does it stop the people who want to make money out of otaku wet dreams.

The candy Kanro Ame has a new flavor: game idol kiss.

Girl Friend Beta, for those poor unenlightened souls out there, is a iOS and Android phone game, with a PlayStation Vita spin-off, manga versions and even an anime adaptation. Quite an industry already.

Essentially it’s a dating simulator game with various virtual ladies.

kanro ame girl friend beta umenotan kiss flavor candy

Girl Friend Beta illustrator QP:flapper has created a special mascot character for Kanro Ame, Umenotan, and to celebrate the maker has also released a special “Christmas” collaboration item: candy that offers up “indirect kisses” with eight of the virtual girlfriends.

We can just imagine the marketing meeting now. “Yes, there is a whole untapped consumer demographic just waiting for our products. How can we target them?” “I know, let’s release our candy flavored as the lips of their favorite virtual game and anime idols.”

The Girl Friend Beta Tablet Candy (ガールフレンド(仮)タブレット菓子) comes in cans illustrated with the girl you are kissing.

It is certainly more practical than the interactive kissing system that an otaku devised back in 2012.

mitsu no tsubo japanese sex toy luxury

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