Zhang Xiao Yu Meiki – Chinese nude model in your hand

We all have our own tastes, right? I’ll be the first to admit some of mine are a bit, well, unusual. But there’s one universal with sex and that is the meiki, a delectably crafted superior kind of onahole.

There are dozens of meiki holes and the best, in my humble opinion, are the ones based on famous porn stars. You can choose from Maria Ozawa, Nao Yoshizaki…all your fav girls are there in almost-flesh. The passages are designed and molded to be just like the actual v***** of the lady. You can’t get much closer to the truth that that.

We all love Japanese idols and porn stars, but sometimes we like to dabble in other Asian delights. The latest meiki wonder is modeled on Zhang Xiao Yu, China’s top nude model.


Fans of all things Japanese may not have heard of Zhang (aka Choo Shuu U) but I can assure you she is HUGE over in the People’s Republic. Born 1985, Zhang is a wicked mixture of cute and seductive – we find it irresistible every time.


The hole itself is a heavy, impressive model: the double lips surround a gaping, generous passage that leads to a delicious g-spot deep inside.


You can get the Zhang Xiao Yu onahole from our sponsors, Kanojo Toys. It has given a whole new meaning to when I say I fancy a Chinese tonight!

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