Voice actress Cocona Yuzuki to make adult video debut in 2019

We are currently marooned out in the Japanese countryside, far from the sights and sounds of Tokyo’s kinky wonderscape and the joys of attractive ladies. Fortunately an Internet connection is keeping us sane.

As we round out the year, we wanted to highlight another recent development in the busy world of adult video — and something to look forward to in the New Year!

This time it’s Cocona Yuzuki (aka Kokona Yuzuki), a voice actress (seiyuu) who has been vocal in the past about sexual coercion in the industry. At the ripe old age of 23, after 13 years of work as an idol, gravure model, manga artist, singer, comedian, and seiyuu, Cocona has decided to make the career switch to AV. She announced the decision on her blog on December 21st.

Details (and decent preview images) are rather slim right now, but her first porn title (AVOP401) is scheduled for release on February 1st next year from IdeaPocket. The Kyosei-directed video will be 180 minutes long and is part of the AV Open 2018 contest. If you like young Japanese ladies with gyaru-style dyed hair and peach-pale skin, then Cocona’s the next idol you will want to see getting banged.

cocona yuzuki adult video debut porn star japan idol

cocona yuzuki adult video debut porn star japan idol

cocona yuzuki adult video debut porn star japan idol

Our posts on adult video debuts were among the most popular articles published on Tokyo Kinky this year, so look out for more in 2019.

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