Video shows transformation from middle-aged man to beautiful Japanese woman

Seeing is believing — or is it?

This makeup video tutorial shows that there really is more to things than meets the eye… At least, when that eye is restricted to a YouTube video.

japanese male crossdresser change young woman makeup video tutorial

A middle-aged (or self-professed middle-aged-looking) man who goes by the online name of Himeni has revealed not only his extraordinary makeup skills but also how easy it is to be deceived by visuals alone. In the much-shared video, he showcases his cosmetic talents and goes from ordinary guy to cute young Japanese woman, just like the ones you might see on the streets of Harajuku or Ikebukuro in their outlandish, subcultural clothes.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Would you recognize this as a crossdresser? Are you confident you wouldn’t be taken in by his “disguise”?

It’s far from the first time we have been tricked by the power of makeup in this way. Shiseido once persuaded us that we were looking at a class of schoolgirls, only for the young females to be exposed as men.

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  • Anon November 19, 2019

    Nightmare inducing!

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