Vacuum Master Sex Machine works with household vacuum cleaner

We’ve all thought about it. Some of us have even tried it.

What would happen if you stuck a vacuum cleaner hose around your cock? Does it feel good or will it tear it off?

Well, not having personally had the guts to try it, we can’t comment.

But here’s an awesome new Japanese sex toy that takes this concept and creates something totally brilliant.

The Vacuum Master connects not only to a household vacuum cleaner to create a powerful vacuum effect on you. Not only that but it can be used with onaholes to transform your vacuum cleaner into a realistic sex machine.

vacuum master cleaner hose sex machine

First you insert the included inner hole into the powered masturbator tube. Attach the cap and pour in plenty of lube. This is then slotted directly onto your household vacuum cleaner or onto the hose. Turn it on and get “cleaning”.

vacuum master cleaner hose sex machine

As Kanojo Toys says: “The vibration hole will then hum with the oomph of your cleaning device, the air flow rushing through a filter and into the Vacuum Master.”

See how it works with onahole sleeves. You can even customize large onaholes (i.e. butt and hip models) by cutting them up with scissors.

kanojo toys adult sex japanese buy

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