Top Hong Kong actress in affair with rich man?

Famous Hong Kong actress Carina Lau is the subject of HK gossip columns at the moment, following sightings of her in intimate dinner meetings with mega rich entrepreneur Jing Bai Fu.

Carina is of course one half of a major HK celebrity couple — her husband is the lovely Tony Leung, who she married in 2008 in a lavish ceremony. Is Carina having an affair? Is such a thing even thinkable, let alone possible?!

carina lau hong kong hot sexy

Whereas us Japanese tend to me more forgiving when it comes to adultery (though not drugs), the HK media is pretty moralistic.

Aside from her famous love life and career, Carina made headlines for being the victim of the triads. After refusing to be in a film funded by gangsters they kidnapped and allegedly raped her.

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