Top gravure idols dress up for sexy Halloween cosplay fun

Probably few things have caught on in Japan as quickly and astonishingly as Halloween.

A few years ago, there might have been a few Halloween parties here and there, and so overly enthusiastic gaijin walking the streets in bad zombie costumes.

But now Shibuya and Roppongi — in particular — literally explode into an orgy of cosplay, much of it not technically connected to Halloween but to any fairytale, video game, or meme that is currently trending.

Halloween cosplay is especially popular with young female Japanese. It’s perfect timing in terms of the climate. The autumn chill hasn’t fully set in yet so you can still brave the night with only a flimsy costume on.

Halloween cosplay in Japan is now so popular it happens not only on the night of October 31st — this year it’s a Saturday so expect total chaos — but on the evening before and on most weekends throughout October.

To celebrate Halloween, here are four Gravure idols showing us how to wear costumes right.

First up, here’s the slinky Ren Ishikawa as a bloody nurse.

ren ishikawa halloween nurse cosplay

Next, cute haafu Alisa Durbrow.

sexy halloween cosplay alisa durbrow

Showing us her butt, as always, is Yuka Kuramochi.

sexy halloween cosplay yuka kuramochi

Lastly, here’s Chiyo Koma.

sexy halloween cosplay chiyo koma

And don’t forget you can still claim a Halloween discount of 10% off adult toys at Kanojo Toys until the end of October 31st. Just use the code “creepynight” with your orders. Enjoy!

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