Tokyo Realtime explores Tokyo’s red light district

Tokyo’s red light district of Kabukicho is renowned as being the hub of sin and vice in heart of Shinjuku. It’s not the only area of course, but it does have a very large concentration of host and hostess clubs, bars, restaurants, soaplands (brothels), and lots of fun-loving crowds of men and women out for a good time.

Setting foot in this area can be intimidating for foreign visitors. Aside from the fact that foreigners are subtly prohibited from entering the more fun places, the types of folks in Kabukicho are very different from what you’ll find in Ginza, Shibuya, and other tourist-friendly places. Even for those well-acquainted with Tokyo, Kabukicho still has its mysteries hidden behind big doors with scary guys wearing earpieces standing in front of them. You won’t find a swingers club unless you already know where you’re going.

tokyo realtime kabukicho

While it’s not an erotic guide to getting you into the best Tokyo soaplands, White Rabbit Press’ Tokyo Realtime: Kabukicho is a new audio guide aimed at letting you know what on earth is going on in that den of fun and sin.

tokyo realtime kabukicho 2

The including an area map and photo book, the audio guide is perfect for putting onto an audio players and taking to the streets for an hour of highly educational wandering whether you’re coming to Tokyo or not.

Now, once you’ve arrived and are comfortable with the area, you can take the next step and venture through some of those forbidden doors. We have, but like the rest of the locals we prefer to keep our favorite swingers club secret 😉

Get your own audio guide to Kabukicho, acclaimed by Playboy magazine, from

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