Tenga opens first Tokyo store in Akihabara

Since people seemed interested in our post about Tenga’s first dedicated retail branch that opened in Namba, Osaka, last year, we wanted to share details about the Tenga outlet in Tokyo.

The follow-up to the Osaka store is this Tenga Shop in Akibabara, which opened its doors to the masturbation-curious on January 28th. (Sadly the budget this time didn’t seem available to hire the lovely Mana Sakura to come down to Akiba to help out.)

It’s located 5 minutes from the Akihabara Electric Town exit of the JR station.

tenga store shop akihabara tokyo

It stocks everything from Tenga hats and t-shirts to the FULL range of Tenga toys, including Vi-Bo couple play vibes, the stunning Iroha vibrator series, and, of course, its line of toys for men such as the classic onacups, eggs and more.

Both this Akihabara branch and the Namba store aren’t standalone ventures, but rather outlets inside other stores.

tenga store shop akihabara tokyo

We wonder, then, what the next step for Tenga is. A full-on “sex center” of its own somewhere? Everyone knows that there is the cheeky Condomania store right there on Omotesando, reminding the chic people of Aoyama that sex should be a daily topic. Could a Tenga shop in such a location be on the cards one day?!

If you can’t make it to Akihabara, you can go online to get your Tenga fix.

japanese sex doll love orient industry silicone

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