Taiwanese Betel girls and their queen: Yen Ju-yu

In Taiwan, it is not uncommon to see beautiful girls in very little clothing sell Betel nuts and cigarettes out of fish bowl looking shops.

The wonderful people over at Meiki who have brought us amazingly realistic clone masturbators from Zhang Xiao and Tsubomi have now searched the streets of Taiwan to find and clone the vagina of the sexiest Betel nut girl around, Yen Ju-yu.

Ever since her scuffle with a police officer her fame has skyrocketed in Taiwan to idol status. So much so that the Japanese made a lovely high quality sex toy out of her sweetest parts and even reverse engineered her own moisture into a very nice lathering love juice lotion. I am still working on getting my hands on one of these Meiki clones of the lovely Yen to see if it measures up to the real thing.

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