Son Eun-seo’s hot sex scene in Korean TV show Big Bet

We’re taking an interest in Korean series lately — a purely professional one, natch!

We loved the very explicit sex scenes in Somebody on Netflix and even Squid Game found time for a sex scene in between all the blood and violence.

Released in December, Big Bet is available on Disney+ in certain territories and Hulu in the United States. It stars film star Choi Min-sik as a Korean casino king in the Philippines.

Son Eun-seo plays a former flight attendant who is now a hotel manager in the casino in the Philippines. She has a great sex scene in episode five of the K-drama.

son eun-seo korean actress sex scene big bet tv series

There’s not much actual female nudity on display due to the dark lighting and angles, but it’s nice and intense as she fucks a guy on a bed. She sits in his lap, which is always nice to see (and experience), and then they have sex standing up for a bit, but the highlight is when the guy pins her legs back to go deep inside her. They continue in missionary for a while with his buttocks thrusting hard between her legs. She then wraps her legs around his body as he finishes, which is very sensual.

son eun-seo korean actress sex scene big bet tv series

son eun-seo korean actress sex scene big bet tv series

son eun-seo korean actress sex scene big bet tv series

son eun-seo korean actress sex scene big bet tv series

Son Eun-seo is 37 years old. She has appeared in an array of TV and film productions over the years, though she had gone under our radar until now.

She’s a lovely jukujo these days, though she was looking mighty fine back in 2012 too.

son eun-seo korean actress sex scene big bet tv series

A second season of Big Bet has already been commissioned. Let’s hope Son Eun-seo is in it.

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  • beyond culture January 13, 2023

    any sex scene from j-movie ?

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) January 13, 2023

    @beyond culture

    Yes, lots. Check them out here.

  • Softcore Fanatic January 15, 2023

    @Tadahi Anahori

    It’s been close to 5 years since any decent nudity & sex scenes in Korean movies (last one in my book being High Society). I want to let you know about the newest addition to the “decent” sex scene that just came out. It’s from a movie called 10-Day Lover (10일간의 애인). It features Song Min-kyung’s (송민경) nudity. Still, the scenes from the movie do not reveal much compared to Korean movies from the 2010s.

    That said, I am surprised we got quite a handful of sex scenes from Korean series last year. A series called Hit the Spot (판타G스팟) with EXID Hani attached to it just streamed the finale a day ago. She did perform a bed scene, but as expected by many, nothing was shown. The best sex scene we got from this series is from a supporting actress in the second episode.

  • John Riggs January 15, 2023

    koreans are the hottest hoes in east Asia. wish they would do porn

  • Roger January 16, 2023

    Turn up the brightness and you can clearly see she’s wearing gigantic nipple and crotch pads. This is pathetic.

    Either go all Sydney Sweeney style or don’t do it all.

  • Mocha Fap January 18, 2023

    There’s another mainstream Korean film with nudity from a former idol (Song Min Kyung) called 10 Day Lover. I saw a clip on Reddit.

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) January 18, 2023

    @Mocha Fap

    Yes, we also recently spotted this on RedGifs. We may do a post on the movie soon. Thanks for the tip.

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