On the cusp of 42, mother-of-three Yoko Kumada releases new gravure DVD

In December last year, we showcased the mature beauty that is svelte and sexy Yoko Kumada, who continues to release image videos in her forties.

Aging like a fine wine, the athletic yet mature Yoko is now 41 but still going strong.

Her latest gravure image DVD comes out in late April, a couple of weeks shy of her 42nd birthday. It’s called Bath of Temptation and has a hot spring theme, a common trope in the Japanese erotic imagination.

yoko kumada forties japanese mature older model sexy hot pic

yoko kumada forties japanese mature older model sexy hot pic

Such image DVDs are not classified as porn, so there’s no actual nudity, but the footage tends to push things as far as they can go without revealing nipples and so on.

The divorced Kumada is the mother of three, though you would never know it from her body.

In recent years, Kumada has been releasing more DVDs (yes, people in Japan still buy them!) and making a living as a YouTuber. She also did a brief stint as a hostess in Ginza.

Perhaps this is betraying our own age a bit but we find ourselves increasingly focused on mature Japanese models and actresses, rather than trying to keep up with the constant cycle of newbies on the gravure or fashion conveyor belt.

We recently highlighted the gravure comeback of Erika Yamakawa after a 20-year break, a photo book by voice actress Yuka Iguchi marking two decades in the industry, and the final photo book of Mami Yamasaki, who is sadly retiring.

For more pics of the alluring Yoko Kumada, see our tumblr page.

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