Sailor Fuku Ojisan schoolgirl uniform cosplayer gets his own mobile phone game

We suppose it was inevitable that Japan’s most famous cross-dressing elderly gent would get his own mobile phone game app at some point, and so it has proved the case with Sailor Fuku Ojisan (Sailor Uniform Uncle). Also known as Hideaki Kobayashi, this gentile cross-dresser has been a regular spot all over Tokyo the past couple of years (even we saw him by chance on a random train once).

sailor fuku ojisan kobayashi hideaki japan cosplay old man schoolgirl uniform clothes

He has attracted fans (and also the police), so of course some people want to monetize this celebrity.

Sailor Fuku Ojisan now has an official game.

“Sailor Fuku Ojisan: Lucky Sorting Game” was apparently supervised by Kobayashi himself, who appears as a character in the game that you identity. He even appears in a Santa costume.

sailor fuku ojisan phone game

sailor fuku ojisan phone game

The player “flicks” the characters on the street depending on their clothes. If you see sailor schoolgirl clothes, flick them to the left. Otherwise, to the right. Simple but addictive, we presume is the idea here. There are three different speeds too.

sailor fuku ojisan phone game

sailor fuku ojisan phone game

sailor fuku ojisan phone game

The game is free and available from the AppStore or GooglePlay. 

Still, if we’re being honest, these are kinds of people we want to see in Japanese schoolgirl sailor uniforms.

leena chen-yi lee sailor schoolgirl uniform fashion model


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