Pottya: another pocchari chubby idol group

Following in the wake of Chubbiness, another high-profile idol group has been founded with larger ladies

Pottya features five members chosen out from 2,146 heavier ladies who auditioned (there’s some serious demand to join these groups!). The rotund ladies have a combined weight of 380kg (838 lb)!

pottya pocchari chubby fat idol group japan

They recently held their first publicity event in Ebisu, Tokyo.

This is their first single, released on January 29th (apparently “good meat day” in Japan, appropriately enough).

Well, we don’t think they are going to be winning any awards soon. But they will likely win some fans for their rubbery features.

Chubby idols (or “pocchari idols”) are a growing trend in Japan. We recently saw some at the Fetish Festival in Tokyo.

Japanese girls are usually very slim compared to girls in Europe and America. A lifetime of rice rather than potatoes or pasta, plus smaller portions, means larger women are a minority. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist — or that they can’t be hot in their own special way.

japanese fat girls chubby larger hot naked body

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