Pineapple Hole Hand Grenade Masturbator for explosive masturbation

Previously Tama Toys gave us the Houdan Bullet Masturbator. A sex toy in the design of a round of ammo? We thought nothing could top that.

Sure, the Ball Sack Shaburo was pretty unusual (and effective too).

As were the Chokouha Brick Onahole, Bamboo Onahole, Sea Anemone Onahole, and like tentacle sex toys.

But a bullet? Perhaps nothing says Modern Sex better.

And yet Tama Toys have done it again: a new innovation that looks amazing and works like a treat too.

pineapple hole hand grenade sex toy masturbator onahole japanese

The Pineapple Hole Hand Grenade Masturbator is, as the name suggests, a sex toy that looks like a hand grenade on the outside.

But it’s not a bomb. The explosions are only what happen sexually.

It’s also not just a gimmick. The unique look of the toy means you can disguise your fun and have it on a shelf or in a drawer, to the casual observer just a hipster toy.

pineapple hole hand grenade sex toy masturbator onahole japanese

The design also means it easier to grip and “throw” while hugging your member.

Moreover, the internal passage is a single, straight corkscrew that is designed for ultimate tightness and strength on your as you slide in and out of the grenade. Once you start, defusing this bomb is hard.

japanese sexy nurse grenade cosplay

Bombs away!


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