Osaka female cop arrested for tricking older women out of cash by posing as man

The cops are meant to be the ones protecting us and taking down the bad guys, right?

Not always, it seems. Yesterday, Japanese media reported on a female police officer who has been arrested for impersonating a man in a “romance fraud” to get money.

The 25-year-old Yurina Otani is a cop in Osaka but moonlighted as a fraudster, it is alleged.

She apparently pretended to be a Canadian male doctor on social media and even an actual Japanese fashion model from July to August. Well, that certainly trumps a Nigerian prince.

osaka cop online fraud arrested posed as man

By constructing stories about needing money for “patients in Yemen,” she tricked two women in their fifties and sixties out of ¥900,000 in cash. The women, who lived in Saga and Saitama respectively, transferred the money into Otani’s account.

The total confirmed losses of the two women are as high as ¥13.34 million, including the money they spent in addition to the cash they sent her.

Otani did not act alone but was part of a fraud group, which used multiple bank accounts.

The soon-to-be-former cop has admitted the charges.

Otani was an officer at Nishinari Police Station in Osaka, one of the roughest parts of the city. Acquaintances have told the media that she was a popular, positive, and sporty person with lots of male friends.

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  • theasian88 November 30, 2023

    hey admin do an update of the article you did 5 years ago about the sex criminal Jaymes Schulte. He finally got arrested 5 years too late after taking advantage of hundreds of women last 5 years now is being charged with CP+human trafficking+distribution of non consensual material. Was last in Japan before his arrest

  • TheDude November 30, 2023

    The article mentioned that naughty dirty cop had many male friends which reminds me of the joke about the Lady who went fishing with seven of her male friends.
    It seemed be rather successful as she came back with a giant red snapper.

  • Lucy Thai December 1, 2023

    All cops are bastards!

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) December 1, 2023


    Thanks for the update. We hadn’t heard. We might do an update but your summary and that link basically cover the details. Let’s hope justice is finally served this time.

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