Onahole-doll Dollho masturbator is Japanese sex Barbie figure

I’m a girl and girls must like dolls, right? Well, kinda. I’m not a big fan of Taro’s Orient Industry sex dolls that he has lying around the house. I mean, they are awesome but ultimately they are competing with yours truly!

Kazuki just pointed this unusual toy out to me. He said it might be the kind of thing I’d like to “play with” in my doll’s house.

Well, I don’t have anything like that any more; sadly those young years are long gone. But I was certainly intrigued by the Dollho, a kind of onahole masturbator combined with a Barbie doll.

It comes with joint parts that you can use to add arms, legs and a head… turning your onahole body into a mini doll. Plus there are two different bodies to choose from.

Dolls (ningyo) in Japan have the same name as puppets, and are not so much toys as ornaments here and quite an art form. I reckon this shows with the Dollho, which could only have been conceived by an erotic artisan.

After all, sexy Japanese anime figures are also just one small step away from genuine crafts!


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