Why are loveless marriages so common in Japan?

Why are loveless marriages so common in Japan? That’s the question that prolific bilingual YouTuber Nobita sets out to answer in a recent video.

Note that he’s not talking about sexless marriages per se. Obviously that’s a factor here but his subject is marriages where love has faded, or even gone completely. That said, as he states at the start, the divorce rate in Japan is comparatively low, potentially meaning that many people are choosing to remain in a marriage with a partner they no longer love.

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He focuses in the first part of the video on the case of a friend called Yuka, who has been married for eight years but says she no longer loves her husband. They have a six-year-old daughter.

The husband leaves early in the morning and doesn’t return until late at night. The couple hardly talk anymore. But there’s more to this than just Japan’s crazy work culture. The husband had an affair, it seems, and this led directly to the situation for the past three years where they are effectively no longer a couple.

She stopped loving him after he admitted his affair, but Yuka nonetheless doesn’t want to divorce her husband because of the impact it might have on their daughter. She has resolved to stay married until their daughter finishes college. Her husband also doesn’t want a divorce because Japan has no legal mechanism for joint custody, so he might never be able to see his daughter again.

Nobita also meets with someone from a detective agency specializing in sniffing out adulterous spouses.

Another interview with an expert tackles the topic of couple counseling, which is becoming more common in Japan.

You can watch the 15-minute video below with English subtitles.

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  • i love tokyokinky February 17, 2022

    what a unhealthy surrounding to raise a child

    I’m sympathise with that girl future more than her parent

  • Enzo February 18, 2022

    Who needs marriage when you have ona holes, deli helu, and pinsaro!

  • Chris February 23, 2022

    I extremely despice detectives who except and carry out adultery investigation(s)!!

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