A love hotel cleaner shares the secrets of their job

Love hotels seem like calm, even deserted places where, depending on the layout of the hotel, you may not see anyone at the reception, let alone the people who get the rooms ready for you.

But there’s a small army of staff working behind the scenes, with six cleaners for every 20 rooms.

japan love hotel cleaner room tokyo shibuya kabukicho

Spa! recently spoke with a former love hotel cleaner to hear more about these unsung heroes of convenient pleasure.

Matsuda-san (a pseudonym) apparently worked at an unnamed hotel when he was a third-year college student. It wasn’t one of the hotels that crowd certain districts of Shibuya and Shinjuku, but a more rural place where most of the staff were actually housewives working part-time.

They would work in pairs to clean a room, each handling a different area: one taking care of the bathroom and toilet; and the other dealing with the main room. Finally, they worked together to make the bed and prepare the final touches.

japan love hotel cleaner room tokyo shibuya kabukicho

They would lock the door upon entry to make sure other guests did not enter by mistake or hear them at work. So this young college kid would find himself in a locked room with a much older women, working to clean up after couples have had sex.

What kinds of weird shit did he encounter during his tenure as a love hotel cleaner?

Well, guests often use tissues to wipe up their semen and so on. But one occupant of a room used as many as two boxes of tissues, Matsuda explains. How much cum did they produce?

The hotel had a denma wand-style vibrator in every room. Matsuda would apparently take a moment during his shifts to use one of these to massage the shoulders of his fellow cleaner!

japan love hotel cleaner room tokyo shibuya kabukicho

It should be noted, though, that not all the staff at love hotels are as conscientious as Matsuda-san. As described in a previous article, the baths are often wiped down with used towels and the cups are best avoided.

Why did Matsuda become a love hotel cleaner? He says he mistakenly thought it would mean he could have sexual experiences at the hotel!

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  • Mike Travels January 18, 2024

    I left a jizz filled onahole in the trash bin of a shibuya love hotel. I never showed ID so there shouldn’t be any trouble, right?

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