Kodansha cancels Tomomi Kasai photo book over controversial nude child image

After a brouhaha that erupted in the last days, including Young Magazine’s latest issue being shunted to the next week, the controversy over the Tomomi Kasai photo book continues.

Now Kodansha, who also publish Young Magazine, has announced that the photo book won’t be going on sale as planned on February 4th.

kodansha tomomi kasai akb48 nude breasts boy lolicon

Presumably they will pulp the copies and re-print it without the problematic photo.

The provocative image featured Tomomi with her luscious bust bare, with the nipples cupped and covered from behind by a seemingly naked foreign infant.

Certainly people seemed pretty repulsed or weirded out by the image, both Japanese — but inevitably, perhaps especially foreigners.

Tomomi Kasai is just starting out on her post-AKB48 solo career. Not exactly the beginning she or F├╝hrer Akimoto could have hoped for!

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  • BobTom January 12, 2013

    Seemingly naked? He has sleeves. Look at his wrists.

  • Tadashi Anahori January 12, 2013


    Very true. But something about the image of the boy suggests to us that he’s naked. Perhaps it’s the ambiguous color of his “body” that we can see in the crook between her arm and breasts.

  • Shay October 11, 2017

    It’s better if he’s naked.

  • Bart October 25, 2018

    This is crazy,why this bitch use child to touch her breast?

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