Meet this Japanese man who once fell in love with and dated a cockroach

Asian Boss, who previously gave us great interviews with former porn stars Emiri Okazaki and Taka Kato, has posted an interview with Yuta Shinohara.

Now Yuta might look just like any ordinary Japanese guy, but he’s very much not so. In fact, he claims to have dated Lisa, a cockroach.

He talks about his unusual companion in the interview, which has not surprisingly drawn a fair amount of shock and disgust from viewers. He openly admits to fantasies about having sex with Lisa, imagining “her” as a super-sized creature or he was miniaturised (like the koonago fetish).

japanese cockroach insect lover man dating fetish

It’s not just cockroaches. He’s an entomophagist (that is, he eats insects), which is quite a thing in Japan, where you can get cans of everything from bee larvae to black ants.

After cooking and consuming his way through crickets and various other insects, Lisa arrived on the scene as an import from Africa — apparently the discerning Yuta wasn’t smitten with a local roach, despite the great numbers in which they exist in Japan during the summer.

It was, he admits, a platonic love, but he “started to feel like [they] were communicating,” he says.

And yes, Yuta lived up to his philosophy and ate his former lover after she had passed away (“I ate her in reverence”). Now, he claims, “she lives on in my heart and continues living as part of my body.”

Here’s the video. He talks about Lisa from around the 11:11 mark.

Dating cockroaches is not as unique as initially might sound. For example, we once spotted a cockroach hug pillow and the artists Makoto Aida famously created an image of a cockroach having sex with a hyper-realistic sex doll. And that’s even before we get into the whole area of insect- and animal-themed porn.

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