How often do Japanese girls want to have sex?

In a series of brief yet enlightening street interviews, actual Japanese girls reveal their answers to the personal questions we all want to ask.

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How often do Japanese girls want to have sex?

What are the signs that a Japanese girl wants to have sex with you?

How much do you Japanese like having sex?

How many dates do Japanese girls want to go on before having sex?

How long do Japanese girls expect their male partners to last in bed?

And what do Japanese girls think about having sex for the first time with a partner?

So much for sexless Japanese!

The interviews were filmed with a series of young Japanese women in their late teens or twenties. The location appears, at least for the most part, to be Shibuya, central Tokyo.

The answers are less astonishing than the fact the women agreed to be interviewed and give their honest responses, even to the point of confessing that they are a virgin (or, by contrast, have slept with 20 guys), but perhaps we don’t know enough millennials and Gen Zers.

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The interviews were actually made for a YouTube channel with the suspicious-sounding title Japanese Beauty. The first ones were uploaded almost a year ago, so our readers may already know the content, though new videos are still appearing on the channel and one was uploaded as recently as yesterday.

The latest set of videos asks random Japanese girls how many men they have slept with.

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  • fap at japanese girl August 30, 2021

    atleast japanese have better prostitution

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