Survey finds the prefecture in Japan where women most likely to have one-night stands

A survey with 3,000 Japanese women about one-night stands reveals some nice findings, though we always knew that Japanese girls are far from innocent.

Asking women with an average age of 42 (experience!), this is a pretty balanced poll by News Post Seven.

On average, 39% of women admitted to one-night stands.

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And the “sluttiest” prefecture in Japan?

That accolade goes to Miyazaki in Kyushu, since 61.5% of the woman from there said they had had a one-night stand.

Up in the chilly north of Aomori, 60% admitted to one-night stands. With Fukushima at third and Kumamoto and Oita rounding out the top five, it seems that the cold north and clement south yield the most “free” women.

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Okinawa, though, was second from the bottom (17.2%), though apparently women there in general start having sex earlier than most and get married young. Yamanashi ranked last with an appalling 5.2%!

According to some analysis, this may be because the prefecture is far from a big city but close enough to get home in a single day: one Yamanashi woman said she doesn’t stay overnight in Tokyo when she visits, limiting her chances of an “adventure”.

A similar reasoning is given for why Tochigi and Gifu ranked so low: they are “too close” to cities (Tokyo and Nagoya, respectively). People who actually live in a big city or live far from one are potentially more up for fun with the random folk they meet.

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In a poll by News Post Seven in April (it seems to be the same survey, just with the results staggered between articles), researchers tried to find out who “liked sex”. A no-brainer, you might think, but then perhaps you haven’t had sex with a Japanese man.

Miyazaki, land of the one-nighters, ranked top with 84.6%, closely followed by northeast prefectures Yamagata and Fukushima.

A Yamagata respondent said that because there is so little local entertainment she spends her dates having sex with her boyfriend, especially in the snowed-in winters.

Prim and proper Kyoto was ranked lowest, with only 42% of respondents saying that they liked sex. It is a small city and, based on our anecdotal experience, women tend to live with their parents until they get married, limiting their experience. (Saying that, it also has a large student population, plenty of tourists, and also a reasonable number of foreigners due to the aforementioned colleges. A recipe for fun, we think!)

Over 40% of the women asked did not have any children, though 70% were already married.

So the conclusion is: try and find a lady from Miyazaki as soon as possible!

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