Insert Air Pillow Futamata fetish dakimakura for guys who really like legs

The Insert Air Pillow Futamata is an inflatable dakimakura hug pillow by Tama Toys that allows you to embrace a character in a position we didn’t know was possible in a hug pillow until now.

The “legs” and thighs of the pillow are held together, leaving a gap between them at the top so you can lay over her legs and slide yourself inside her (there’s a slot for a regular onahole). We’ve heard this position called the “ankle cross” or “tight squeeze” before. It’s like you have two thighs (literally the meaning of “futamata,” though also meaning to cheat on someone) joined together.

insert air pillow futamata cover

While the dakimakura itself does not have a default cover, you can add one from the several double-sided cover options available by adult illustrators — including an awesome schoolgirl fetish design by Lolicept.

insert air pillow futamata cover

insert air pillow futamata cover

This is actually just one of several recent Tama Toys hug pillow toys, each a little different and each coming with its own range of erotic anime art covers. Examples include the Insert Airt Pillow and Insert Hug Pillow.

The Insert Air Pillow Futamata is available now from Kanojo Toys.

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